To encourage iZeal, Inc employees to refer external candidates to fill open iZeal, Inc positions and to recognize and reward them for supporting our recruitment efforts. For open position see our website
ELIGIBILITY Applicable to all active iZeal, Inc employees
GENERAL In order to increase the number of high-quality/qualified candidates and to improve the effectiveness of our recruiting strategies, iZeal, Inc desires to engage our own employees in attracting high performance individuals.
REWARD Up to one thousand, five hundred dollars and zero cents ($1,500.00) will be paid to any active iZeal, Inc employee who has referred a candidate after the new hire has completed ninety (90) days of employment.


  • To participate in the Employee Referral Program, an iZeal, Inc employee must submit an “Employee Referral Form” and the candidate’s updated resume to Human Resources, prior to any initial interviews scheduled by either Human Resources or any other iZeal, Inc employee. A resume must also accompany the referral form.


  • If a referred individual is hired, the employee who made the referral will be given a check for up to one thousand, five hundred dollars and zero cents ($1,500.00) minus any payroll taxes after the candidate is employed for ninety (90) days. The referral bonus reward will vary depending on the importance of the position, on how difficult the position is to fill, and on the job classification.


Referral bonus reward will be paid as follows: Temporary Positions: Up to five hundred dollars and zero cents ($500.00). Staff Level Exempt/Non-Exempt Full Time (Below Managers): Up to one thousand dollars and zero cents ($1,000.00). Managers & Above: Up to one thousand, five hundred dollars and zero cents ($1,500.00).


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